January 26 - February 24th, 2019

In the age in which “things” permeate our lives, and some would even say control, it is not far off to claim that inanimate objects are very much alive. Objects may not inhale the smell of the earth after it has just rained like us, may not laugh with friends over coffee like us, may not understand the tumultuous political era that we are in like us, but they do form a part of us and become an essential force. object / item / material / me came from the idea that, while objects/items/materials are inanimate, they have a vitality that is an ingrained aspect of the human ecology. This exhibition brings together eight artists who each bring forward the dialog that is happening between objects and humans - how each artist finds their own relationship to the objects they work with, how the objects come to embody a moment/ a history/ an experience/ a meaning for them, and how this relationship manifests into an artistic practice. It is about exploring connection. It is about dissecting the critical moment when an object stops being an inanimate piece of matter and becomes a integral for an individual.  

This exhibition is curated by Graham Feyl during his Digital Curatorial Residency at The Overlook and hosted by Annas.

About the partnership

The Overlook is a nomadic arts project. Their collaborative residencies, programs, and projects support women, queer, and POC makers and thinkers. Their work considers where art exists and how communities can form in a broader sense - without borders. They believe that the future of art is inclusive, intersectional, and collaborative.

The new partnership between The Overlook and Annas offers exciting opportunities for exhibitions and programming as well as community engagement. Looking to feminist collaboration structures, this partnership is rooted in shared intention to support and foster critical conversation and art communities.