Living Room Series


For the first installment of the Living Room Series on October 20, 2018, we discussed the uncertainties and insecurities within one’s professional and personal lives, allocating energy to support yourself monetarily and creatively, and how one navigates these landscapes (both logistically and emotionally). Each dinner guest brought an object that either served as a source of comfort or stress, which served first as prompts for discussion and later included in a collaboratively made work.

The second session on November 18, 2018 focused on the ideas that get stuck in one’s head– the musings that roam in one’s thought space during one’s commute or before falling asleep and continue to make return appearances, never seeming to find root. What are these thoughts and where did they come from? Why do they keep bubbling up? Can one track their movements? If one could imagine them taking on another form, what might that look like? Do the thoughts feel good, toxic, neutral, learned, developed, in-process?

When we started these small programs, the living room was a space where creativity, intimacy, comfort, and vulnerability co-exist. For the final part of the Living Room Series, taking place on December 16, 2018, Annas wanted to celebrate that. For this session, dinner guests brought a reading (anything from a sentence to a page) that exemplified the proverbial living room for them. These looked like (sounded like) a passage about domestic spaces, a piece that makes them feel at home, an essay that felt cozy, something they’ve written, something by another author.