Living Room Series

October 2018 - December 2018

In late 2018, while we searched for a permanent space for Annas, we began a series of living room confabulations, bringing people together with the intention of sitting at a table to share a meal, thoughts, and collectively making as a response to the evening’s conversation.

The elements that made a Living Room Series session feel successful (i.e. foster intimacy and generate energy to create) later shaped elements of Annas’ collaborative residency program. Read more about the sessions here.

Clay sketches from  Living Room Series: Session 1 , October 20, 2018

Clay sketches from Living Room Series: Session 1, October 20, 2018

Reflections on the Living Room Series from the guests:

It is a special thing to be welcomed into such a community as is fostered by the Living Room series.  By combining aspects of nutriment and friendship, Burke and Koch allowed myself and other individuals the option to engage in a casual yet articulate discussion; an activity which they motivated by posing a series of questions around a common theme. I was most enthralled by the honesty of this experience, as it successfully illuminated the potential of the domestic space as a catalyst for sharing ideas and building real relationships .  I made new friends that evening, and expanded my knowledge of what "empathy" can mean.  It was truly inspiring! - Logan Kruidenier

The Living Room Series is one of those Chicago moments that is full of the right kind of lighting, cheap wine, a group of folx from all corners of the city - humming in the low tones that creatives and makers often vibrate in shared spaces with shared ideas. So uniquely Chicago. - Jenn Sova, Director of The Overlook

Meditative doodle from  Living Room Series: Session 2 , November 18, 2018

Meditative doodle from Living Room Series: Session 2, November 18, 2018