In front of a trapdoor

March 16th, 2019, 7 to 10 PM

In front of a trapdoor is an iteration of Doodle Jam, a series of quick, fun drawing sessions produced by Logan Kruidenier.

A collaboration with Kruidenier, In front of a trapdoor is a doodling event to think through the malleable quality of Annas. As doodles build, they will interact with the physical space to create a whole other kind of place, one that has yet to be formed or named.  

Intended for all levels of artistic skill, prompts will guide doodling and play with:

Logan Kruidenier, 2019

Logan Kruidenier, 2019

- How does a fictional place inform our reality? And when and how does a fictitious thing, place, or person become real?

- How can we build a fictional place together?

- What is the importance of play in building an environment?

Join us to build the fantastical environment that is Annas, which can host an assortment of different characters, happenings, and conversations.

Doodle Jam zine created and produced by Logan Kruidenier (click through).