is built as a generative and reflective space for young makers.

Founded in 2018, co-directors Alden Burke and Stephanie Koch curate residential cohorts based on which individuals they believe would productively benefit from one another’s knowledges.

Over the course of each residency, through skillshares and collaborative-making sessions, the knowledges and processes of individual visual artists, writers, curators, and art administrators collide to inform the production of a group project and to deepen further the practices of those involved. To inspire a ripple-effect of new modes of working beyond a singular artist, the public presentations serve to make this collision visible to an arts community.

Structured to be three separate and successive cohorts throughout the year, each residency at Annas spans five months and culminates in a collaborative project, each with a different form of production and dissemination best fitted for the makers.

The cohort presents, first, with an exhibition at Annas to display the process and dialogue generated during their residency. Beyond the opening, the group creates programming as additional opportunities for feedback and engagement within their process. Next, Annas and the cohort partner with different spaces in Chicago to host a more traditional presentation dependent upon the needs of their works. By pairing with other art-centered institutions, Annas attempts to build a stronger, broader network of engagement by and for its participating members.

In-kind donations provided by Lawyers for the Creative Arts and Solemn Oath Brewery.