a yolk, suspended

July 12th, 2019 - August 4th, 2019


Annas is pleased to present a yolk, suspended, the culmination of an intensive, collaborative residency by Caroline Dahlberg, Azalea Henderson, Mariel Harari, and Maggie Wong. Through weeks of popcorn readings, material research, mind-mapping, and body stretches, the four multidisciplinary artists built a yolk, suspended, a poetic environment that tends to process, to containers, to eggs, and to loss. 

Related programs:

Exhibition Opening
Open to the public
Friday, July 12th, 7:00 - 10:00 PM

Rehearsal Dinner
By invitation
Tuesday, July 23rd, 6:45 - 9:00 PM

Reservations limited to first 12
Thursday, August 1st, 6:45 - 9:00 PM

Unfolding, Together: A Round Table on Process with the Residents
Open to the public
Sunday, August 4th, 2:00 - 4:00 PM

as poem

A body wonders what it needs to feel, comfortable: the love we fall into is the egg. 

Memory scrambles and settles into the body. Sitting across from one another, we try to pluck it out, put it on the table. To eat? To share? To act and form the symbol through which all of the work spills, and keeps spilling. A leaky container is a container, and what we are. A leaky container slips, is your mouth. You are here because you are hungry, and we are, too.

as process

The works present in the gallery are specific, yet evolving, serving as both objects of an exhibition and the environment of dinner programming. Each element builds a visual language for the artists, a result of the cohort’s new modes of collaborative making. As such, the works grow into a material representation of what happens between these four individuals when tasked with exploring their capacity to build a world, together.

as idea

a yolk, suspended collapses external environment and internal body pocket, confusing the distinction between what we live in and the experiences tucked inside our memories, muscles, and habits. Through their dedication to world-building, the cohort created a space where the center of gravity pulls the insides of a contained body into the space of the room, exposing a thrumming, longing desire to hold and to be held; to understand the fragments, habits, and projections that make up our lives. A space where closeness and loss of people, of orientation, of constructed reality rub up against each other to form new objects relations, languages, and stories.

The world of a yolk, suspended challenges the body-environment dichotomy, understandings one’s narrative agency and receptiveness in constant collaboration to one’s contextual surroundings. Learning from Zoë Sofia’s “Container Technologies”, the cohort understands that “meaning circulates through organism/environment in the form of transformation, translations, and transmutations of difference.” Using Sofia’s understanding of the container-environment relationship, the cohort accesses each of the container categories Sofia details in her essay:

The utensil: the known container—basket, bowl, cupped hands—that represents a conceptual mother as container (or womb-like form) into which we cradle our excess, our love, and which we “consider an extension of ourselves.”

Apparatus: the specific container—a blank space—in which something may be created or transformed: “the apparatus, as well as the specialized space that houses it (the kitchen, the lab, the workshop), could be interpreted as equivalents of the potential space where inner and outer worlds are negotiated in the course of discovery/invention”

Utilities: the multiplicitous stage—the collection of environments and channels through which information and fluids move, regulate, transport. Together, these technologies form the “environment mother,” that which cares for, teaches, responds to, and listens with those who are in the space. 

a yolk, suspended is a homage to eggs, to containers, and to loss. It is an exquisite corpse, a dinner party, a memorial to conversation, and a culmination of collaborative efforts. All of the artists wish to extend this collaboration to you—the viewer, the diner, the container. They wish to ask: where does yolk pool inside your body?